Jealous of ele shamans with tenacity

Worked on enchanting and gemming my new pvp set this morning, then queued for WG and got the message about it being full again.  I flew there and participated out of raid, and fortunately didn’t die the entire time so I wasn’t kicked back to town.  During this a GM contacted me about my ticket from Wednesday and said they would refund the honor for the gems I was unable to return to the vendor on Ocyla.

Joined a VOA 25 group and while waiting for the groups to fill, killed 2 horde that kept coming back to bother people at the vendors.  Shaman are more annoying than ever now, and seem to have a polymorph? WTH? That’s crap!  So you have a tank like nuker who can heal and crowd control.  Yeah.

Did all the bosses in VOA, which is nice since people want the Justice Points (JP) we finally see the stone and lightning bosses again.

Too bad the loot tables aren’t updated.  A number of people die during the storm guy because they don’t know, or remember the fight.  This is one thing I enjoy about WoW’s raids; some no matter what the level can’t just be tank and spank out damaged, you either properly respond to threat in the fight or you lose.  I take a break after emailing a pile of gems to Stoutspectre to cut for my pvp set <3

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