The Honor Crunch

Now I understand why the Wrathful set doesn’t require arena rating, and why Blizzard won’t pull the items back.  They take A LOT of honor and it’s harder to get now.  For example I ran an EoTS and had 70 HK’s and only earned about 50 honor. So yeah.

I’m generally top damage in battlegrounds now though, in fact in this picture I was the only person at a base and I got to enjoy watching a Horde warlock stare at me for a while, run back and forth, then I waved, and he decided to go elsewhere XD

During all this a certain guild member asked if I have Alchemy.  Yes on my priest.  He asked if I can transmute a gem, yes.  He said he may have the mats.  I reminded him that one cannot transmute anything with no materials, meaning it’s bad enough he wants me to use up my transmute cool down of 24 hours for him, but also use up my own mats. I finish up my BG and note that he has said “I have the gem silver” a few times, which I take to mean he has the items I need to transmute.

I switch to the priest only to have him say that he already found someone to transmute his gem, or he bought it, something like that.  Once again I am reminded why I need to ignore any favor requests from this person, because he does that ALL THE TIME. He also asked Maice to cut it for him, then went AFK or something with Maice asked if he was ready, and didn’t come back for a good 10 minutes.  Bleh.

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