I log on to get in on a sorta guild run of VOA 25. Full clear.


Well, I haven’t been on this char for a while, and I feel like pvping.  I queue up and get EotS. There is the usual insulting on the alliance side of how much everyone “sucks”.   One guy gloats about how his dps is better than someones elses and I point out he’s 10th on my dps list so he shouldn’t brag.  Then he says he’s trying to win and not do damage, right after bragging about his damage. Good stuff.  Then he leaves an opening I just can’t skip over!

We do lose, though.

Next is up is WSG where we’re already up 2 flags, and we win shortly after I join. 109 honor for doing next to nothing.

Then we have AV which takes forever and I stop… somewhere…Frostwolf, I think, and we do ok until around 10 horde come in and roll us all. We lose, but it was quite a bit of fun anyway.

I TRY to queue for WG 8 minutes before it starts, but I am not called to battle then get the waiting thing.  This frays my nerves something fierce just standing around while it’s going on. In defiance I run out there anyway and attempt to kick a paladins ass, but he’s able to heal himself and survive against me until help arrives and I’m outnumbered.  Ah well. I get thrown out of WG on my ass.

I fly out there again, apparently just ignoring the “you’ll be kicked out” message doesn’t help.  On the way, I get into WG from the queue.  We lose, which is the third loss in WG I’ve had today. I’d still come even for losses all the time when it’s  like this, but the giant epic-ness is gone.

What I also don’t understand is how the other side gets vehicles so fast.  I’ve seen them with 5 vehicles shortly after it starts and I know you can rank up on NPCs and guns, but when you see 5 demos rolling around early on it’s like wait, what?  Do you no longer have to rank to build them?

I then run a WSG but we’re into, why even bother status with the flags when we don’t even get it once.  Still, I get to kill a lot of people, so that’s fun. We lose. I do get the Not so Fast achievement though.

Last one for the night is a queue that says my battle is ready, queues for 30 seconds then says my group has left the queue. Ok, what group and we did?  I was sitting on the edge of WG and Ice crown when I queued a second time, got a battle, then got “unabel to zone while in an encounter is in progress” then was thrown out to Rise of Suffering. I kind of meant to stay on the spot I was on because some nice nodes were spawning there.   On the third try I get into an IoC run. We lose.  I’m done enjoying my pvp for tonight.

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