I log in today and start doing the cult quests in Stormwind, then catch a WG battle.  I use the trick I noticed in other battles to take down guns in a spot where they cannot hit me.  We lose however, which is sad because horde was barely putting up any resistance.

I then finish my quests, and the nice thing about doing them late is there is no one around blocking the activity.

and this, this was just my usual poor timing of a screenshot XD  Apparently if you are still wearing the Cultist gear here it gets automatically removed at this point.

I run my fishing daily and make out like a bandit earning a Sealed Vial of Poison for another easy quest turn in, and a Brilliant Stormjewel plus 7 gold. That quest involved going into the sewers and turning in something for 14 gold 80 silver.  Though it would be funny if there was a chance to drop the poison and kill yourself.  Maybe.

I run my cooking daily and collect my carrots in the forest, cook them up with the Chilled Meats and turn it in for spices and my 9g.

I run WG and end up protecting a tower, taking like 3 minutes just to kill a priest, then killed one catapult before a god damn shaman hops out and destroys me.  There is no point, NONE, in trying to kill one with tenacity unless you have 5 other people.  It’s like killing a tank that can heal while nuking. We win this time however.

Later, since I have nothing else to do, I run some BGs and get Arathi.  We lose though I learn that rogues can sap me even with Ice Barrier up.  That seems wrong, I mean, I though the damage would knock them out of stealth but it doesn’t appear to.  Before and after this I chatter idly in guild wondering if the crabby mage will strike up a conversation but they do not.

I run Isle of Conquest and hang out protecting the Glaive against a few horde and fondly give them a /pat.  I like the glaive vehicles quite a bit. We win that one.

I couldn’t manage to get the weekly on either char this week so I guess I’ll just have to skip it this time.  This char has maxed out JP anyway.  I am seriously considering a name change on this character however, since too many other people have names starting with Silver.

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