Nerds Rage!

Ran my last HH since it is over tomorrow, then ran WG and picked up my GNERDS Rage achievement before it’s too late.  I had some amazingly healing this run and made sure to look up via Recount who healed me and thanked 3 of them.

I also heard that some Horde were attacking Darnassus and I’m sorry, I can’t tolerate them doing this.  I know a lot of people don’t care but it burns me.  Plus I have ports!  I head over there and discover a troll priest, a blood elf paladin, and an orc warrior.  I get killed twice, needless to say, though I do manage to kill the both of them when they “catch” me shadowing one of the level 80 elite guards.  I sit on their corpses for a while, kill the orc warrior when he shows up again, but get killed again by the priest/pally duo.  They were both in pvp gear like myself so that was just inevitable.  Shadow priests are nasty.  No one else that I could tell was helping out so I went back to Dalaran.  If it were easier for non mages to get there and back we’d probably have more help.

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