Blood Queen Lana’thel

I had put up like 63 Dragonfin Angelfish on the AH and unfortunately they all came back to me after not selling.  I must remember to do stacks next time.  I am unable to buy Northern Spices still and feeling bad for Rayzo, I go buy 20 of them and mail him a /comfort package of 20 Blackened Dragonfin.

When I get in later Maice, on Nilvana, gets me in a 25 man ICC.  We run flawless through Blood Princes and I’m embarrassed to say that today I got my 25 man Plagueworks achievement. I didn’t realize I was in so many fail groups for so long.

During Lana’thel however, things go poorly when people have trouble biting other people and we die repeatedly because mind controlled players are not a good thing.  On the third wipe we get her down to 200k and still fail it.

I am not the least bit angry though to be honest, because I hate the biting part.  It’s bad enough finding a person in 10 man but in 25 it’s next to impossible.  I purposely do next to no dps at the start so I don’t get bitten first.  I hate the biting part.  On the 4th try I manage my bite fine though and earn The Crimson Hall 25 player achievement.

We go on to get Dreamwalker and clear the trash up to Sindragosa, then call it.  The raid leader notes that he would like to keep the same group together and will only invite the non fail people.  I get an invite shortly after that and I’m happy.

During the run I notice that I didn’t other setting hardly any arcane glyphs, and Nilvana makes me one.  The arcane glyphs are still fairly limited, and the rotation has changed next to not changed at all. Frost and fire are still more fun.

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