I log in and say hello to Brd, and do my fishing daily which is Disarmed again.  I also fish up a Rusty Prison Key which I use in this chest in the water

I open the chest and receive Chain Gain Leggings (Blizzard, have I told you I love you recently?), Potion of Wild Magic, Pungent Seal Whey, Crude Eating Utensils, and Water Soaked Letter. Here is the letter, for fun

I waited for it to respawn since I had 2 of these keys and this time earned a Prison Manifest, Potion of Speed, Water Soaked Letter, and Crude Eating Utensils again and another bottle of moonshine.

I get in a WG battle and start out as Arcane, but my survivability and skill flexibility makes me unhappy and I switch back to frost.  I do a lot of Ice Lance spamming since it allows me to run, SPAMMING IT, to catch up to sieges and continue to do damage while still moving.

I die at least twice to a horde be paladin named Xiv around Sunken but unfortunately most of that was due to video lag, running into horde before they faded in on my screen.  Oh well.  I get him back later on a few times, as well as another BD paladin named Safety. I blow kisses both times.

They only manage to breach east and we win when the towers go down near the end. Unfortunately for the attackers, low numbers means you either have everyone in a vehicle with no on foot defenders, or you have a few vehicles with defenders, which can still be taken out fairly easily.  You need a sizable force to properly defend a vehicle since you have to shut down people like me willing to suicide just to break it up.

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