Megaera Kill

I was going through the guild list today and noticed Lladin was in this guild.  I kind of laughed a little remembering how annoying he was in Bloodbathed and Beyond.  He hasn’t been on for a year though. Hotbrass went to another server and I wanted to kick all his alts out but Iocane said they leave people in unless there is a reason to kick them.  Leaving guild seems like a good enough reason to me.  Plus logging on just to tell us how much better his other team was and to ask for stuff bugged me.  Especially when I knew he was going to leave early on.

Anyway we got down Megaera last night but it was a nightmare to heal.  Used every cd, the second it was up and we were still all dead when it died.


A tier glove piece dropped today and I rolled a 16 and Dor rolled a 88. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.  The BOEs were dropping from the sky but no healy cloth.  He let me have it but Angey was raising hell in raid chat about it as it was.  We all know Dor has gotten a shit ton of gear yet he rolls for everything anyway.  I think we need some form of loot list again.  I picked up the Soothing Talisman trinket, gave up on ever seeing on in LFR or 10m for now.

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