A Dwarven Wedding

Yesterday I picked up on my Twilight Highland quests and finished off the dwarven version of “something old something new” which was “Something Stolen, Something Brewed, Something Stewed, Something Bold”. In the cut scene you get to see the key and “Beak”


and then you actually get to see your character escorting the bride down!

133elleria 132elleria


the rest is a little surprise so I won’t mention that.

After these I ran Stonecore twice with Maice, and finally hit 85!  I probably wouldn’t have done it unless I was motivated by the tailoring patterns honestly.  But now I’m glad I’m here. I learned the powerful versions of the spellthreads now that I’m the right level, went to the trainer and learned Time Warp, and now I can make the mana cakes for people.

Oddly enough now Obsidium Ore is back to under Elementium Ores prices.  I mean, it should be that way and I’ve gotten much more of it, so they must have finally boosted the spawn rates.  That or people stopped farming it after they maxed out whatever they were trying for.

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