Tailoring CDs

Fished up enough food for my priest to last, a while, I hope (2 stacks) then went to TB to fish up Fathom Eels for when I get that recipe.

I made half of my cloth and created the haste epic pants for my priest, and the powerful spellthread and sent them off. I still have 2 more cloths to make since I did not have the fire and earth volatiles to make those. Farming enough really stinks.

I then did CoC with Bobby, Leonz, Hatestoheal, and a random tank, though the weapon I already have is just as good. I went off to fish in the fire pools near Lord Canon but they spawn slowly so I gave up after a while. I got enough earth and made one of the Dreamcloths. The cool down on this is quite frustrating, I’ve had 525 tailoring for like a month and a half now, and only made 1 belt, and 3 pairs of pants. That barely keeps my two characters equipped much less the other people that want stuff made.

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