Must be bots, no one is this bad

Spent some time fishing up at least 50 eels in TB, and random fish for myself, and Shipwreck debris pools.  I love those pools.

Later I ran into Ladiesman and helped transfer some stuff on the AH.


This was just a cuddly looking /afk placement while waiting on the AH money to come through.

Ran some battlegrounds and we did awful beyond belief, and I really think everyone must be afk or botting because I have a hard time believing anyone plays that stupid.  I decided to gear up my mage for pvp, since I have no desire to do giant queues to gear up for PVE.  I ran some arena with the rogue on the alliance side, and won 5 games.  Some of them weren’t pretty, but I am a little rusty on the mage, and still wearing mostly tailoring entry level pvp items.

After that we ran some battlegrounds and I got at least one win.  It’s going to be a hard grind for gear as alliance, that’s for sure.

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