Rocket in my.. wait what

Yesterday ran a bunch of bgs, and won, 2 I think.  Ran a few with Ladiesman’s alliance rogue, and he got the achievement for capturing a flag.  There was a lot of yelling by a druid saying they had more healing than anyone, and I snapped that I ran the flag with 3 carriers so far and didn’t see them once, so shut up.  Later I was brought in to heal when Leonz had to go for Cho’gall, and got to third phase a few times but it got called around midnight.

Did arena with Pauldie, did quite well though the first fight I went down so fast, I’m not even sure what happened.  Maxed out the points quickly with wins, and got my Vicious robe.  After that ran a TB which we won, but totally didn’t feel like doing the TB dailies.  I bought  a trinket, the drake, the horse, and totally not up for more dailies right now.

This just made me laugh:


And I’m a little confused as to why holy healers go into chakra for Sanctuary in  battlegrounds. You light up like a xmas tree, for one thing, and you lose stun if in anything but chastise, which is probably unlikely anyone is using. Shrug!  I make good use of that, repeatedly, and since I didn’t take archangel, I have no reason to go into a chakra.  Plus, I don’t like being highlighted as a healer more than I need to be.  I noticed this in the last TB fight too.

After the battle, we go back on the boat and sit down.  So, this was a little funny actually, I didn’t die the whole TB battle before this, and I went up to South Spire to wait out my flagged status.  Well we were messing around trying to kill each other but not really, since I have nothing to kill a rogue anyway, when a disc priest comes up on the fight.  They start assisting me so naturally I have to behave myself and start really stunning/fearing, and I save the disc priest from almost death by throwing a Guardian Spirit at the right time.  We chase back over the bridge, where a hunter and a mage horde, I think, join in and try to kill me.  I survive to the guards but at that point, after about 5 mins of fighting I go OOM and die, but the guards kill both horde.


We got back to being civil about it on the boat XD

And later I get to try Jan’s new ROCKET!


Then the Atramedes fight did not go so well, we started out around 9 trying to find people, had people new to the fight, new to their spec, etc.  We did not get it.

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