EotS went.. well?

Lot of pvp today, 2 wins, tons of losses, like horrible, horrible, what the hell are you guys doing losses.  I seriously am starting to think Alliance just logs in and walks away from battlegrounds.   No one can play that bad, unless it was purposeful.  Seriously!!

Though I did one EotS and paired up with a rogue named Dblkick and together we beat down all the horde that straggled into Blood Elf Tower. I was impressed.  I run far far too many battles where I run up on someone, heal and assist on the fight, and they run away the second the horde turns on me (yes, paladin Drum, looking at you).


Got down how to jump from the hill between Alliance camps in TB to the boat, and ended up spending like, 2 hours there chatting with Ladiesman, going back and forth on how to say things in broken Orcish and made it readable in common and vice versa.  I had wanted to test this before, but, we did it today, and it seems you have to break up words smaller for it to make sense.  Like Aa bc t r k might mean something but come out like I lo ve y ou.

At night, since I can’t raid tomorrow, I spent all night pvping and maxed honor for the second time today.  I was going to queue for a random but pugging it pretty much sucks, so I don’t.  I went and bought the spectral Baradins mount too, even if I prefer to ride my cat.

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