Playing with my rogue

Did the majority of my TB dailies today with Leonz, and ran a few battles, most of which went horrible wrong.  People yelling things like “hold hold” when we had 2 bases, and absolutely no one at the 3rd, like they don’t know how to read the map.  I comment about such and receive at least one “lol” in a pm from someone, and giggle over our failsauceness with Peejay, a paladin I ran dailies with the other day.

I figure out how to hop onto the boat like Ladiesman does and, after repeatedly stunning him, mid air on his bike, take some practice shots.   Could never seem to get one when I did it in the heat of the moment (and yes you stay stunned, in the air!)


Later I do a few bgs, and get a HORRIBLE AV where no one appears to know how to do anything, I run up to Tower Point by myself and dance with what else, a blood elf paladin for so long he starts /wave-ing back to me.  A DK joins me and we fight for like 5 minutes with no one else showing up.  Eventually a third alliance shows up and we kill the guy, but we get rushed by horde and cleared out of the tower.  Lose that miserably.

The next one was Strand, and 3 people including myself tell people what to do, and we do it, and win.  I decide not to push my luck and just stop for now.

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