Crushing Defeats in Tol Barad

Yesterday we had some crushing defeats at TB, but one win so I got the pvp dailies done. Also ran a few bgs but the only win was a sweep in EotS, which shocked all involved. 4 bases and 1600 points, couldn’t believe it.

At night I ran with the second group again and we got down the golem bosses, but wiped repeatedly on Maloriak, and spent a good deal of time just standing around figuring out who needed to do what. The tank went offline in the middle of a very good attempt, and never came back. We brought in Dpunisher, who I see in TB a lot, for one attempt, but after that several of us had to go. It would be helpful for new people demanding to be in raids to experience a full night of wipe attempts, on multiple nights, to understand EXACTLY why you can’t just throw a group together and succeed.

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