MY Boat

Did a bunch of bgs today, mostly losses but a few wins, and a few very good attempts.  I ran into this guy, who first I noted for being a rogue, second for the battlemaster title, and third, because of the awesome name for a rogue.  I told him so as well.


Had a fun couple of TBs also, bought my boots, and got to return the favor to my horde friend XD


Later he brought his friend to the boat, who started attacking me, and I jumped from the boat, swamp to shore, and lured him to the guard, where I ice blocked, and the guard wrecked the DKs day.  Later I dueled that DK, with no guard trickery, and trounced him pretty good.


Probably had no pvp gear, or something, but I didn’t initiate the duel so that crying isn’t allowed.

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