Tips for World PvP

As I was heading out to defend Thrallmar from some 90 DK killing guards, I noticed I instantly do some things no matter where I go.  Here are a few of them.

Currently, people in PVE gear, even LFR gear, have it better than people in full grievous.  Have a look at my un-upgraded LFR gloves. 528 ilevel.  My Grievous are 522.  You can’t upgrade them.  Upgraded LFR is 536.  You can imagine what flex and better looks like.


1) Put on your best PVE gear, minus an escape trinket and maybe  a pvp weapon. Trust me. My HP for example is 440k in pvp gear, in pve it’s 510k and I’m only in LFR stuff. Full normal I’d be hitting 700k.

2)  Be wary of anyone else who might have a Hardened Shell.  If you FP somewhere, land and fly up, QUICK, preferably skimming towers on the way up in case you do get hit.  Don’t want to fall a great distance on your way up if they DO get you.  Once up, avoid those areas.      Look around later at a safe distance from walls, ledges, buildings, towers.


3)  If you have to afk in the air, do it HIGH.  Zealous assholes (like myself) who can do damage while falling, levitating, slowfalling, or glider-ing, can and will burst you in the air and drop you.  That’s embarrassing, try to avoid it.  If you are high enough, by the time they hit the ground, and come back up, chances you’ve self healed enough.

4) Use the terrain.  Land on a tower, a roof, if you can knock them off, do so.  Also prevents rogues from stealthing up. If ranged, shoot down from somewhere high, a lot of times DK’s can’t get LoS on you.

5)  Use OP npcs!  The NPCs in Thrallmar for instance, had a stun that has NO DR.  You can get stunned over and over the same time repeatedly.  This is NOT fun for the Alliance.  The NPCs in Honor Hold knock you back sometimes but I don’t find it as annoying when I’m Horde. Some will even dismount the enemy for you.

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