People that play certain classes

Stout mentioned this the other day, and it seems like certain people gravitate to certain classes.  I don’t know what it is exactly.  Here are my experiences over the time I’ve been playing, both in Lineage 2 and in Warcraft.   I don’t have opinions on all classes either, some are just neutral.

And this is assuming what I call a persons “core” class.  A ‘rogue’ can play a mage, and still be a rogue.

Hunters – Usually played by stupid people and/or those who are self centered and greedy.

Examples: Headsmasher and L2guru in Lineage 2.  Shottie in Relentless.  Or any low level playing one.

Rogues – Almost entirely played by people with a sharp wit, playful way of talking/playing who I almost across the board find agreeable.

Examples:  Rayzo, Stouspectre, Ladiesman, Arashikage, Antsy, Misery, Iocane,  etc.

Mages – Either elitist douchbags, or god awful players who are also douchbags.  Always completely unpleasant.

Examples:  Brdlady, Arkwin, Powertrip,  Magicizan, etc

Warriors – Usually played by teens who haven’t quite gotten enough sense to behave properly or not ask for inconvenient or downright ridiculous favors.

Examples:  Cinor, Drekk, Warbomb

Paladins – Usually the leaders of a raid, a group and usually a tank.  May or may not be calm, but runs the show.

Examples: Peejay, Nilvana, Leonz, Conquix.

Death Knights – Usually people who like to play a class that takes 20 people to kill, whether or not they can actually play it well, or even kill anyone.

Examples:  Annibelle, Oromis, Zukk.

Priests –  The Dark Knights, fiercely loyal to friends, but an absolute hellion against the wicked, the stupid, or the trolls.

Examples: Myself, Lindenroyce

That’s all I have for now.



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