Hunter is a good dps choice for a healer

I say this because, more often than not, the healer is the one left guarding a base.  I know I do it all the time, and in a DWG today a holy priest was left solo at a base.  I ran in and helped knowing how much that sucks.

Most of the time, the healer then goes and runs off, can’t really blame them.  When I’m healing I tend to stay around, because chances are, such as in that DWG, shortly after 4 Alliance ran in and even though I called it out, we lost it.

So anyway, people are unnecessarily rude in bgs sometimes.  They were saying that to me when I was asking about defense.


We won this Gilneas, but it was frankly a mess.  We had three bases, I figured a quick win.  We lost one, then lost another.  Bases we had were often deserted and I’d look at the map and see no one at any bases.  I like my wins, but solid wins can turn into a loss with crap like that.

The best part was when I asked why no one stayed to defend WW I got “why didn’t you shut up and do it”.  Yeah, I had been defending mines, I only moved there when I died to 5+ alliance.  YOU’RE WELCOME

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