You’re Terrible for Winning

Today ran TB and won, then another lose, but didn’t even get in for that. Then fought a paladin horde, who then logged in his rogue, and when Ladiesman joined in, there were 3 be rogues (ooh! lol) and a priest, killing Janusz and I. The paladin/rogue was so, curious, I guess, that he logged in his alliance alt to tell me I’m terrible, I shouldn’t run to the guards (yeah but who died to them, stupid?) and so on. That’s ok though. He also died 3v1 like 4 times too. But, that is the first horde to log in and talk smack to me.

Anyway after that ran a AB with Jan and won, ran another AB which we 5 capped and I got the achievement (Let’s Get This Done) since we won it in under 6 minutes, ran a a Twin Peaks that was already in progress and lost, and ran a Gilneas which we won. Lost a Twin Peaks, but I honestly hate that one since it’s strictly about flag capturing. I don’t like WSG much either.

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