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Ugh my luck

Did a pug DS tonight. We wiped once on Zon’ozz because the priest and pally healers were bad, only doing 10k each and everyone died clearly to low heals. I mean people were sitting around at 50% health for ages. They made the shaman heal then we got it.

We brought a rogue named Smokebomb who was in full cata pvp gear, NO glyphs, missing 8 gems, and doing 7k dps. I’m not kidding. 7k dps on Zon’ozz. They kicked him at Yor’sahj, thank goodness.

I won Infinite Loop, replacing my LFR version of it. We did up to Hagara then everyone left.

Randoms are rough

Randoms have been rough on my mage lately. Did two tonight and both went poorly.

First up was in progress End Time, my favorite. We’re on Baine, I run to the platform and 2 people die on the way there. Rez up, pull the boss, healer lets the tank die at around 15%, I drop mirrors and go to town, we get it down. Apparently they had wiped on that a few times. Someone asks “how did we not wipe on that?” and another replies “stellar dps”. I was doing 40% of it.

Anyway it’s off to Murazond and the druid healer says to port out and back in to avoid the Baine trash on the way out. We’re there a while, CC the trash, and the healer still isn’t there. The tank pulls anyway, I say “healer is not here yet” and port out to avoid a wipe. We come back in, they rez up, healer lets the tank drop again. I finish off one of the mobs stunning it with my fire stuff and inviz on the last guy up. I mass rez, we kick the healer because they are bad. A new druid healer comes in, missing glyphs, gems, reforging, leather items, the works. I sigh and say, let’s just do it ok? We get it down ok.

Then my next one we get HoT and another druid healer, in TERRIBLE gear (several items under 333) lets the tank die, leaves. We get a paladin, get the boss down, PALADIN leaves. Finish the rest with another paladin. I’m pulling aggro CONSTANTLY, the tank is from my server but missing 5+ glyphs, enchants, etc. Well, whatever. We got it finished. So much for capping vp on my mage, it’s too frustrating.

I have a very, very small “I won’t heal you” list

Did a TB on my mage today, and had the bonus of adding a new person to my “I will not heal” list.

There were only about 5 of us and someone asked who would come with them to WV. I said I would and I was followed by a holy paladin named Lightbringr. We hit WV and there was a hunter and a resto shaman, so I focus’d on the resto shaman, but even attempting to CS, fire blast stun, deep freeze, spell steal everything, I was not able to end the shamans life solo. This is not even remotely surprising, I don’t know of any class that can 1v1 a healer and WV being “LoS city” doesn’t help either.

Anyway another warrior showed up, Clankamon I believe, and we still could not kill this shaman. the paladin started berating us, asked if we “bought” our RBG rating (my mage has 0 RBG rating) and PM’d me to “delete yer toon” and blocked me. I switched to Ocyla and had a stupid conversation about how I should have poly’d the shaman and I just gave up and logged.

I don’t know what happened!

Ran DS10 with a few Relentless people last night on my mage. I did ok, was usually 2nd in dps and pulled 31k on Ultraxion and 32k on Morchok. Once again not a single thing I could use except a tier chest token, but I already had a 397 VP chest piece so eh.

That guy Jason, was on his DK and man he sure talks a lot but fails rather hard. Everything is a long drawn out story, it’s just dude just shut up. He died on Ultraxion to fading light, and I didn’t even though I’d dps’d this only a few times on normal. He kept carrying on about “I don’t know what happened my times are off ” blah blah blah. What timers? I listen to dbm count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and I hit it at 1 and I never die.

Then he let two sappers get through on the boat when he 1) said he chained them and didn’t 2) chained them before they vanished (“that never was a problem before!”). Someone else complained about the boss “always breaking my casts”. Um don’t stand so close when he does that aoe interupt? Derp?

Then on Spine he single handedly wiped the entire group by killing the last corruption while we were stacked in the blood and blew everyone but him off. That was one attempt. Another attempt we didn’t have enough dps to get the tendon down in one shot. Embarrassing. After Spine I had to go, it was getting way too late to have fails on normal stuff.

I leveled Enchanting

Removed mining now that my pally has it, and spent all day the other day and about 13k or more, leveling enchanting.  It was an important profession I really should have done earlier, but end of expansion is a good time to do it. I meant to do it when I first started this character, since people always said tailoring and enchanting went well together but as a new player, it was not even remotely affordable and I needed mining for money.

Ran a WoE where I got lucky with RNG and hit nearly 125k at the last boss, and got this comment.


Anyway I got picked up for a 2/8 DS the other day, we got up to Madness then people had to go.  We had a mage named Epicsnoww as fire who only did 13k dps, then did 5k on Hagara then died.  He was kicked.  We had a healer in 3 blues with no gems/enchants which didn’t help either.  Nothing dropped I could even roll on.