I don’t know what happened!

Ran DS10 with a few Relentless people last night on my mage. I did ok, was usually 2nd in dps and pulled 31k on Ultraxion and 32k on Morchok. Once again not a single thing I could use except a tier chest token, but I already had a 397 VP chest piece so eh.

That guy Jason, was on his DK and man he sure talks a lot but fails rather hard. Everything is a long drawn out story, it’s just dude just shut up. He died on Ultraxion to fading light, and I didn’t even though I’d dps’d this only a few times on normal. He kept carrying on about “I don’t know what happened my times are off ” blah blah blah. What timers? I listen to dbm count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and I hit it at 1 and I never die.

Then he let two sappers get through on the boat when he 1) said he chained them and didn’t 2) chained them before they vanished (“that never was a problem before!”). Someone else complained about the boss “always breaking my casts”. Um don’t stand so close when he does that aoe interupt? Derp?

Then on Spine he single handedly wiped the entire group by killing the last corruption while we were stacked in the blood and blew everyone but him off. That was one attempt. Another attempt we didn’t have enough dps to get the tendon down in one shot. Embarrassing. After Spine I had to go, it was getting way too late to have fails on normal stuff.

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