I have a very, very small “I won’t heal you” list

Did a TB on my mage today, and had the bonus of adding a new person to my “I will not heal” list.

There were only about 5 of us and someone asked who would come with them to WV. I said I would and I was followed by a holy paladin named Lightbringr. We hit WV and there was a hunter and a resto shaman, so I focus’d on the resto shaman, but even attempting to CS, fire blast stun, deep freeze, spell steal everything, I was not able to end the shamans life solo. This is not even remotely surprising, I don’t know of any class that can 1v1 a healer and WV being “LoS city” doesn’t help either.

Anyway another warrior showed up, Clankamon I believe, and we still could not kill this shaman. the paladin started berating us, asked if we “bought” our RBG rating (my mage has 0 RBG rating) and PM’d me to “delete yer toon” and blocked me. I switched to Ocyla and had a stupid conversation about how I should have poly’d the shaman and I just gave up and logged.

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