Randoms are rough

Randoms have been rough on my mage lately. Did two tonight and both went poorly.

First up was in progress End Time, my favorite. We’re on Baine, I run to the platform and 2 people die on the way there. Rez up, pull the boss, healer lets the tank die at around 15%, I drop mirrors and go to town, we get it down. Apparently they had wiped on that a few times. Someone asks “how did we not wipe on that?” and another replies “stellar dps”. I was doing 40% of it.

Anyway it’s off to Murazond and the druid healer says to port out and back in to avoid the Baine trash on the way out. We’re there a while, CC the trash, and the healer still isn’t there. The tank pulls anyway, I say “healer is not here yet” and port out to avoid a wipe. We come back in, they rez up, healer lets the tank drop again. I finish off one of the mobs stunning it with my fire stuff and inviz on the last guy up. I mass rez, we kick the healer because they are bad. A new druid healer comes in, missing glyphs, gems, reforging, leather items, the works. I sigh and say, let’s just do it ok? We get it down ok.

Then my next one we get HoT and another druid healer, in TERRIBLE gear (several items under 333) lets the tank die, leaves. We get a paladin, get the boss down, PALADIN leaves. Finish the rest with another paladin. I’m pulling aggro CONSTANTLY, the tank is from my server but missing 5+ glyphs, enchants, etc. Well, whatever. We got it finished. So much for capping vp on my mage, it’s too frustrating.

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