Well it seems Fratricide is taking over the spot of Ladiesman, at least for now.  Had Iocane and Annebelle  in WG one run and he showed up, and he requested I let him kill Iocane.  I said I couldn’t very well do that!  She was unable to kill him though and I don’t think he died until another DK joined in.  He almost got me once and I was tempted to port in the fort, but got off a fear and healed up again. But yeah, new horde friend in pvp.


There was much speculation in guild and raid during and after that battle, about how he moved so fast, hit so hard, so hard to kill.  I’ve seen pallies bounce around like they some how stole Killing Spree before in WG but I think it’s lag related.  He also has the heroic 2 hander from Spine and full cata pvp gear so that’s really all it was.  He keeps telling me I should faction change.

And to be clear, this is in no way a replacement for my rogues 😛

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