Last night we attempted heroics in Post Mortem.  We got Morchok like usual, and did fine with Yor’sahj though I am pretty sure when the shaman kept putting down healing rain, even prior to the debuff slime being absorbed, it still gave everyone 1 stack of the debuff.  Someone told me it does only one but giving everyone 1 stack when they didn’t want it can be an issue.  We got it down even with that so I guess it was ok.

We did heroic Zon’ozz though on our successful attempt I lost the mage when I lost which way they were running. I know they were supposed to go to the right but they moved much farther out of my range than I was use to. I got Heroic Finger of Zon’ozz during that.

Heroic Hagara was another story.  We did progress,  but there were several flaws that caused it to fail.  First, this is clearly a problem.


Things I saw as going wrong:

1) the druid healer was told to stack in the middle during frost phase, but instead was running around in tree form in Watery Entrenchment until he died.

2)  Either someone was dispelling the Frostflake on demand, or the dps were calling out for dispels when they didn’t actually dip in the bubble.  I think it was a bit of both.

3) People weren’t actually dipping in and out of the bubble quickly, I saw the hunter run halfway to the middle of the entrenchment at least once.  We said “run to the middle” but I personally specified it meant “dip in and out” not literally the middle.

4) the druid never popped tranq during the lightning phase, my divine hymn kept people alive but barely clinging to life by the time the phase ended.

So needless to say we didn’t get that one down. Hoping to get it tonight.  Makes me miss my A9N team even more; it took us maybe 2 attempts to get it down.

And while I’m on the topic of groups, this is probably my favorite healer picture, of all time:


This is a picture from Lineage 2, in Cruma tower.  First a little bit of a set up.  Back when this was drawn, you often brought both a buffer who could also heal, and a main healer to parties, which were 9 man groups if you had a full group.   At level 41 players had just class changed into healer or buffer, but they could still do both.

Anyway in this picture the most important mob to kill right away were the Snipes and the Snipe Cohorts.  They were random spawns that would show up anywhere in the room you were in and you’d need to immediately switch to them or suffer a wipe.

This picture show the tank yelling 99999! which meant he was likely, non-English (that was the way they said help, don’t ask me!) surrounded by a Snipe and Cohorts, a Krator (melee), and Ricenseo (nuker).  He is almost dead.

The “idiot” melee players are working on a Mordeo, which is not a priority like the Snipes.  Another idiot is picking up gold (items dropped on the ground and you had to pick them up) rather than helping anyone.  The archer player is screaming help when he was too far away from the tank and pulled the additional Excuro mobs the group did not need.  He is also almost dead.

The one healer will full mana said “brb”  DURING this mess and clearly did not help heal.  The player in the foreground is making the angry face with a fist because they are OOM from having to use battle heal (flash heal) and his/her group are all terrible.

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