Heroic Hagara

We got Heroic Hagara down after a little over an hour of wiping on her. The mage, Powertrip, seemed to die to ice waves constantly. Angiecakes and I generally kept up a running discussing of the progress and generally agreed it was annoying to have someone doing raids who never does prep work on their gear through VP cap. The mage was only 383 ilevel and didn’t even have the 397 boots, and did pretty poor dps. He of course won the heroic Lightning Rod.

Anyway we’re 5/8 now and hopefully working on ones I have not done next week. Not looking forward to spine at all.

The warlock Perfide who was horde, switched to Alliance and joined Post Mortem with that char. As far as I know the warrior he joined Relentless with when I was still there is still around. He sounds a lot like the guy from the Onyxia Wipe Animation I found out. Very take-charge in bgs too. I agreed to do arena with him but if it gets “Rayslayz” type pushy and demanding it won’t last long. He also said that Ladiesman was “bad” and that he always killed him in duels. There was much talk of people I thought were good being bad that night though. Maybe he wasn’t good against warlocks I don’t know, but I never thought he was bad.

Then again hardly anyone who gets thrashed ever says “wow that guy was GOOD”

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