I leveled Enchanting

Removed mining now that my pally has it, and spent all day the other day and about 13k or more, leveling enchanting.  It was an important profession I really should have done earlier, but end of expansion is a good time to do it. I meant to do it when I first started this character, since people always said tailoring and enchanting went well together but as a new player, it was not even remotely affordable and I needed mining for money.

Ran a WoE where I got lucky with RNG and hit nearly 125k at the last boss, and got this comment.


Anyway I got picked up for a 2/8 DS the other day, we got up to Madness then people had to go.  We had a mage named Epicsnoww as fire who only did 13k dps, then did 5k on Hagara then died.  He was kicked.  We had a healer in 3 blues with no gems/enchants which didn’t help either.  Nothing dropped I could even roll on.

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