Thanks, No-Show

We did our regular group of DS last night, but Sealan did not show up even though he accepted and we talked about the raid that morning. He was supposed to replace Shiftthis who quit, or something. We brought in Nytok instead who said he was capable of 2 healing everything and was. We did heroic morchok with me on the easier left side for once, but failed at heroic Yor’sahj for reasons unrelated to healing, did the rest on normal and stopped at boat. It was nice to see a druid properly geared, enchanted, reforged who actually breaks 15k hps when needed.

We brought a bad warlock named Strberrywine who never switched off boss during Yor’sahj, and died like 3x during Hagara (I called that). Also died during Ultraxion and I’m pretty sure on Blackhorn too. But he walked away with like 5 pieces of gear.

We also had a paladin named Trance who claims he main raids with Rocket Surgery on another class. He wanted to come as a holy pally with a 333 blue neck piece, and 4-5 pieces of DPS PVP gear. Including one dps pvp TRINKET. I was like uh do you have your real healing gear in another pair of pants? No.

He tanked instead and took SO MUCH damage I couldn’t smite heal like at all, and repeatedly lost him between greater heals.

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