Was on my shaman healing a WoE, which I’m completely tired of and sometimes just leave at the start. But the DK tank (Becquerel – Gorgonnash) started out with some kind of robot RPing thing

“Welcome to the tank-o-tron tanking suite program. Tank-o-tron will take you on a magical journey!”

Oh this should be good I thought.

“Tank-o-tron has many many ports. Tank-o-tron is plug and play if you get its drift”

The whole thing was rather amusing and made the run, which was really good, even better. We expressed appreciation for making this group more interesting and the druid, who must have queued with the tank, said he’s been tanking all morning and we were the first one to tell him how awesome he was.

“While tank-o-trons prime directive is to ensure meat-user safety he does not feel the same way”

Then someone says “so he can’t experience bro love”

tank replies “Bromance is within my operations”

So this opened up the party to ask random things like if he has punched DW in the face

“Tank-o-tron has punched Deathwing in the snout many times to establish dominance”

I laughed, was a pretty funny run.

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