What does that even mean?

We think the mage may have left because there was not enough activity in the guild for him. I’ve seen this not that long ago actually. Another person joined, asked for dungeons once or twice, then left under a week later. And it’s always at like, 11am, when most people are not playing. Some people expect a guild to provide constant activity, and I’ve been in several guilds since I’ve been playing and that’s never been the case. Esp if you are like “hey lets raid but not LFR!” that’s going to be rough.

Another pattern I’ve seen lately is when a person says something, and another refutes the action, the first person replies with “…”. What does that even mean? For example in TB today

rogue: Go to a base and hide
me: Well if you stealth it won’t cap
rogue: I didn’t mean that I mean, stay hidden out of view.
me: Why? if they see what appears to be an empty base, they would stop and try to take it. When the bar doesn’t move it’s obvious someone is there. Attackers don’t approach an empty base they don’t have and LEAVE because they can’t see you.
rogue: …

Warbomb was fond of doing that when his suggestions weren’t met with cries of “sir YES sir!”

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