No Turkey for U

Did a BH the other day and did a winning roll but had the same numbers as someone else. Rolled again and we both rolled a 17.  Rolled again, I lost.  Cursing to myself and kicking my chair, BUT! Then the shaman just let me have the item, which was a pvp ring. Zentrino was the shaman.

Finished all my thanksgiving achievements on this character and got my pet turkey and the “Elleria the Pilgrim” title.  Ladiesman refused to let me turkey him though, so Acks logged in the horde I needed to get it.

There has still not been a mage boot pattern for 378 ilevel for going on like 2 months now.  It’s quite annoying, and my Living Embers are worth like 500g now.  Quite frustrating since I broke down and just bought the boots and was hoping to get a little money back with the embers but I guess not. And of course days after I watched the market for the boots for like a month, and paid 17k, I see them now for 15k.  Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Well, time to start farming all day and building up more money for the next expansion I guess.

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