Noob Dungeons

Healing 5 mans on my druid has been pretty amusing lately. I was chaining dungeons and here’s a few of them.

UK – DK tank is so bad it’s like trying to heal a mage tanking. Gets killed in a global and blames me. Group points out he’s not holding aggro for shit and isn’t in mitigation gear. He calls one of them a fag, I said “he goes or I go IDC” and they kick the tank.

UK again, another DK. His tanking is ok but he’s SO SLOW I don’t even care when the hunter starts pulling and tell him I’ll keep him healed. I normally don’t fuss about slow tanks but I’m talking 20 seconds between every god damn pull. The tank is all “blah blah do you tank?” and I’m like no but it shouldn’t be this damn slow. He gets kicked by me for “OMG SLOW”.

Nexus, warrior tank leaves immediately. We start clearing without a tank. Pally tank shows up, I throw lifebloom on him, he runs back to the start and after a few mins, leaves. DK tank comes up, and bypassing the first boss until we call him back. Nearly bypasses the second boss. Would have walked past the third boss if it wasn’t blocking the way. Guy claimed he was an engineer IRL and I said “please don’t tell me you build houses or bridges”. At the rock boss he commented “he would’ve been turned to paper sooner or later anyway”

The other druid points out the boss was a rock, not a tree.

Got a warrior tank at the next UK, named Worthlessowl-Draenor, who was so epic I asked him to marry me. Was pulling non stop, without taking barely any damage, while practically soloing the mobs. I just kind of stood back and stared.

Then the final attempt that night, UK again, a DK who was ok but kept beefing at the hunter for some reason. Couldn’t kick the guy for “2 hours”. Geez. The tank and I stood back while the rest of the party cleared the final hallway and the last boss without us. Oh well.

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