5.2 Disc

5.2 dropped and it’s official, I give up pvping as disc.  I’m done.  Phantasm nerf, psyfiend nerf, DA nerf, crit nerf, pvp set bonus nerf, FDCL nerf to an already horrid spec just sealed it for me.  I’ll level the druid, mobility and utility, huzzah.

Last night we got down Jin’rokh after maybe 5 attempts.  Hotbrass kept random afking without saying anything.  The “bridge boss” trash was pretty brutal.


I took a holy spec since Angey kept saying dps in chakra was incredible, but a few days ago we did a 5 man dungeon together and we were the same most of the time or I beat her by quite a bit.  Didn’t believe that anyway.


This boss was pretty fun even though we never got very far.


We were having a nerdy discussion how this raid layout feels Zelda Ocarina of Time-ish, and Nilvana mentioned one of the weapons looked “like a snitch” so they kept playing the “NEEEEERDS!!!” sound wave in the background.

Disc has been nerfed in pve so that PoH doesn’t auto give DA and it only shows up on a crit.  Which means you can pop inner focus and apply it to one group and get around a 90k absorb but stacking DA will be impossible now.  Take a shielding classes shields away, awesome.  I still healed ok but you can only take getting F’d in the A so much before you say FUCK THIS.  And I never PoH spammed anyway.  Well.  Except on heroic Garajal I suppose, or when I needed DA.  But wasn’t a one button wonder.

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