I’m Popular but…

Got my druid to 84 the other day, losing bgs pretty much all day. There was a warlock in one AB that was one shotting everyone. Good stuff.

I’m starting to really feel the lack of healers on my server. I don’t mind logging in and doing a dungeon, but when people ask me to heal additional raids I start to get a little annoyed. Lila asked me to heal a Relentless raid the other night, they needed a healer for Elegon and Will. I really wanted to level my druid but I said ok, but only one hour. If you can’t get 2 bosses in one hour, I’m cutting losses.

So I get summoned and the mage dc’s. We wait for him to get back. We pull, and people drop like flies on the orb phase. We wipe. The mage dc’s and doesn’t come back. They end the raid. Sigh. And mind you, I asked how far they got on the last attempt before their other healer quit and they said they got it to 5%.

Druid healing has been a lot of fun though, the mobility in pvp is so different from a priest it’s sweet as hell atm.

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