Was on horde quite a bit today and I have to say, random bgs as alliance as just as bad as being on horde. Lost almost all day today but finally picked up a malv staff. When I was doing a Temple of superball, I saw at the start someone riding on the same golden dragon as me. Later this same player, which by the transmog I thought was a paladin, kneeling in the center as we were winning. Struck me as a little Tebow-odd and I noticed they were in a bright yellow transmog like myself, and further noticed they were from my server.

After we won, we both ended up in the horde pvp vendor area. I said something like “same bg, weird huh” but go no reply so I whispered that I liked his transmog. We got to talking a bit and did TB together where ally outnumbered us 5 to 2, and then did a winning EoTs. The name was Oromïs, who is actually a DK, who linked me his 2200 and 2400 2’s and 3’s achievements. He said he did TB a lot, which I have as well but I honestly do not remember him at all. Anyway the name, Oromis is apparently from some book I’ve never heard off. I think. Oddly enough a goggle search wasn’t terrible clear about it just browsing quick.

It would be lovely to make friends with someone who likes to pvp and isn’t awful.

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