Druids in pvp is fun, that is all.

On Tuesday we got the first boss down in Throne of Thunder then wiped twice on Horridon before it was time to go. We did 2 of the LFRs and I got nothing. What else is new.

On Wednesday we were down Rav, so spent nearly 2 hours trying to get another hunter. I asked Gorgor but he was in a raid already, I asked Lila who declined, and Yellow couldn’t stay up that late.

I must say I’m miffed about Lila saying no. They ask me to heal here and there and I say yes, even though they wipe on old content. You’d think people would return the favor.

Today we didn’t get CM’s because we were down a dps and Nilv didn’t have internet. I’m ok with it though, having a few late days be cancelled is probably what I need anyway.

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