PVP Raging

Been terribly mouthy in pvp lately. Had a AB the other day where a warrior was screaming at people at LM “all of you there and not one can cap the flag?” I told him to STFU he’s not there he doesn’t know the situation. Maybe it’s being AOE’d constantly, then what do you do? Oh right you can’t cap it, can you?

“STFU stupid noob, you don’t even have any kbs!” he retorts.

“That’s because I’m heals, MORON” I said. We went back and forth a bit and someone said to “take the high road” because we’ll never see each other again. Wut? No. I’ll pass on that high road. I don’t care if I’ll ever seen you again, you smack talk… I reply. Sure it’s easy to ignore some asshole but why? Then they get their way. FUCK THAT.

I did arena with Shockblocker on Friday and got cap, feels good to do that again. We lost a few times to a disc priest/mage set where the mage must have poly’d me like 100000 times. Also got WTFbursted down by a warrior and hunter, I think it was. Should have taken SW death glyph and probably mind control for the priest/mage. I’m not sure. When I ran with Jan (disc/feral) back when MC was baseline and I had mana burn, we could never get down that comp either. I’d mc the priest into a fear into another mc and just when the mage was about to die, I was out of options and they got healed again. I dunno. I’ll try those talents next time though.

Got dreadfully moody today when Annibelle asked if anyone wanted to help kill 2 horde on Isle of Thunder. I said yes, sec, switching since I was on my druid. I popped on my priest, started flying over and whispered to invite me. He did not and by the time I hit the camp portal he said he had killed them. It bothers me when people ask for help then finish whatever activity it was and I wasted my time switching and traveling. Then he logged and switched chars. I let him know I was annoyed.

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