I look good

Just saying.


Anywho, did up to 1650CP just in randoms between yesterday and today.

Alliance just got whooped so bad 99% of the battlegrounds, it was disgusting.  But then sometimes there’s silly things like this warlock, who had the flag but stood, in our base, AOEing.



Why? Who knows.  His team was probably pissed off and yelling I’ll wager.

A lot of times I just leave bgs I think are about to fail.  I know I shouldn’t, but when it’s near the start, and I have better things to do with the next 15 mins or whatever in a WSG or a TP I just go do that instead.

The only losses today was a SSM where my team was constantly dead, annnndd hm.  One other but I can’t remember, so it must have been super close.

We also took Tol Barad twice.  Alliance always seems to have a lot of healers but they are rarely any good.  I take delight in killing holy priests in particular.  People keep saying they are good but all I see is a crappy version of a resto druid.

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