My Fragile Little Mind

So, this is rather amusing. The other night Iocane invited some guy from another server named Maxbane, and his alt Knifefight. Literally 22 hours ago. Today I was doing the final Klaxxi quests and getting super pissed when the Manifestion of Terror wasn’t showing up, I meant I spent like 5 solid hours getting to this point.

This is how it went.

Me: any time now spawn, any time
Madalyn: you’re just a mrs grumpy pants today
me: yes, I am super pissed its taken hours and hours for this “epic” quest.
Maxbane: lets watch the language please
me (already massively irritated): Why are you 3?
Maxbane: I was joking
Me: heh
Maxbane has left the guild, Knifefight has left the guild.

Ok then! 22 hours ya’ll, 22.

Then I got a pm that said “wiseass” and I said “that’s me!” after a bit of no response I asked “didn’t like the guild or something?” but never got a reply. Crybaby.

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