Progression /s

We raided last night, but at 9pm we were still missing a dps.  Both Iocane and Stout were unavailable.  So, we started late, then failed on the Stone Guardians over and over.  Yes, I know, progression. I outhealed both the druid and paladin most of the attempts which was strange because disc is so weak right now.  Dor, the pally, had top heals of stuff like Beacon, Holy Light, and Illuminated Healing.  Now I haven’t healed on my pally in a while, but that struck me as odd.



The other OTHER kind of raiding.

And yeah, my heals were TERRIBLE that shot because I was chained to melee and could barely cast a thing I had to move so much. Did ok when I was chained to Onenight tho, I don’t get it.   Oh and yeah, Nilvana was prot, and he outhealed me.  Go fig.

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