Sticking up for people doesn’t always work

MV tonight, it was brought to my attention that Khaotic hasn’t logged in for 6 days. The last few days I was noticing this but kept forgetting to check on his status. He has still not replaced his normal staff, the spirit ring, and appears to have not done any dungeons to pick up gear improvements either. Then tonight he did not show for raid at all, so he’ll be replaced. I told Silly if needed I’d tell Khaotic all this myself since I started this crap in the first place.

The only thing I sort of wanted was a hit belt but I’m not sure what even happened to it. It kind of bugs me that plate healing classes have to roll against no one when their gear drops but most people have at least 1 to 2 others they have to roll against and drop down the loot list more. I honestly don’t get the loot list anyway. I mean it’s like a roll system but with priority, which I dunno, I guess that’s ok.

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