We got the first three bosses down in MV the last two days but wiped a lot on Elegon. The fight is a pain and much much harder than the first three. I almost want to go back to disc for that fight.

On the spiritbinder guy, sigh. I really … yeah. I don’t exactly mind when people suggest alternate ways to do a fight, but it seems Dor likes to suggest things that center on ignoring important mechanics. On Garajal it’s necessary for the healers to take turns going into the totem, both to heal up the dps in there so they can get back out (they can’t unless they are healed up) and to get a massive spirit regen for the healer. You cannot go in if you have the voodoo doll on you though.

My Vuhdo frames show me who has the doll so if I see he has it, I just go to the totem, I don’t need to be told. I don’t know what interface he is using but he suggested that every time a totem is out we both stand in it because whoever is dolled can’t go in anyway. The problem with that though, is the one time it was my turn to go in, he also ran in, and got pulled in. He was pulled in 3x in a row so I was outside the entire time doing all that healing and was nearly OOM at the end. This is why we have to take turns and not just ignored mechanics because someone has a problem with taking turns. I mentioned this at the end too. We had a similar thing happen back on heroic Hagara.

Ran a random and got Scholo after the raid with a full group trying to get Khaotic a better weapon, since he was still using a 450. On the plus side though, Price of Progress dropped and I got it.

In other news Relentless won’t be raiding until the end of the month, and apparently Nytok is going to heal them. Scuba mentioned it so I Pm’d him, a little in surprise. He said he was going to raid with them during the week. Interesting.

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