On our Tues/Wed run, Khaoticmage did not show up and hasn’t been around since last week raid, so he’s off the group. Which is lovely when I kicked up such a bit about Spice being an ass about him and him saying things like “I want to make you look good”. Ugh.

In the last few weeks we’ve swapped out Iocane, Stoutspectre, and Khaotic for that slippery last dps spot.

We did ok this last run but tried the first boss in HoF over and over, and the Attenuate the boss does threw me for a loop repeatedly so badly I cursed in vent several times. Being holy and having glowies under my feet when he’s throwing out tons of glowing circles was annoying, and if I threw down Sanctuary, forget it. There were times I was POSITIVE I wasn’t touching a single ball thing and I die and another time I know I hit a few and didn’t take any damage. I was pissed.

Since then I’ve gone back to disc. I just feel awkward as holy even though I can play it and I much prefer disc. PVE is pretty good now but PVP is still bad. We go oom healing like I always have in like 30 seconds. Not sure what they are gonna do about that.

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