In the mountains!

So hmm kept pretty busy the last few days or so.  Ran at least 4 days of dungeons with nothing but plate and mail dropping. I usually brought Onenight and/or Stout with me and we didn’t see hardly any leather either.  Heroic Scholomance was a good time though.



After raging about gear all those days and never getting anything, between last night and today I picked up heroic helm, back, bracers, staff, gloves, and belt. ABOUT TIME.  I also had really good random groups even if people tend to still not pay any attention to where my mana level is.

And, I just want to have some tea up here.


There’s a ton of talk on the healing forums about priests being really bad, but I’ve managed heroics so far so good.  We’ll see about raids.  Since we’re not super hard core progression and not aiming for any world first kills, I think it’ll be ok.  Taking shadow as a second spec though for questing however, gosh. It’s just too hard to manage as disc.

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