LFM Right Nao

Usually I ask in guild if anyone wants to run heroics with me, but lately I find myself queuing solo just because it seems easier, as foolish as that sounds. Today for example I said I was running some heroics if anyone wants to go and I got “5 of us are in one now”.

Yes, I’m not an idiot, I looked at the roster already, I meant it for people NOT in a dungeon.

Then there is the usual bit of someone joining but “I need a few to finish this quest” or something. Yeah no, I wanted to queue RIGHT NOW, I didn’t say “willing to wait on anyone doing whatever then going”. Yeah, feeling extra bitchy today.

A lot of times I get no response though, which just seems odd. Mind you I don’t flat out say “hurry the fuck up” or anything. I’d jump on a healer queue in a second on my mage. 30 min queues, grumble.

On other news, disc and holy priests are considered to be rather bad right now. Our throughput is anywhere from half of other healers to 10% less (variables like gear and encounter), our control of mana is quite poor and we have no smart heals as disc (no divine hymn, tranq) and our only AOE heal, prayer of healing, isn’t putting out very strong DA bubbles. 8k on a 400k HP pool is nothing. It also seems to make almost no noticeable change on a parties health when you cast it, and at something like 9% of total mp per cast, it’s bad to use right now. IMO.

In pvp we are really bad too. Most of our claws have been pulled out, no more mana burn, or made highly situational at best. Mind control for example was spammable but had something like a 2 second cast, and diminishing returns (DR). Now it’s a talent, meaning you have to give up Psyfiend and Void Tendrils, and it’s on a freaking 30 second CD. It’s not limited to just humanoids any more but gosh. I’m not seeing where that is useful.

We lost SW Death as a “can use whenever” skill and the baseline version requires the target be under 20% health. My lovely lovely glyph that allowed you to double SW death a low health target is totally gone. I can’t even tell you how many 2’s I won for us getting a KB on someone using that. If you want the old version of SW death back to counter a mages polymorph, you have to glyph it so one prime glyph spot gone to make it what it use to be.

You have to use another major glyph to take the interrupt protection with Inner Focus. I can’t exactly remember but I think that use to be built into another talent, it was always a talent choice but it came with some other options also.

And for pvp you HAVE TO HAVE glyph of desperation to cast Pain supp while stunned, so right there you are done. I use to take SW death, mending (60% more healing on first jump) and desp but now we have a lot less wiggle room.

Then you have mages who can spell steal every damn shield you put up.

Anyway, rdruids are the best for pve and pvp right now, and it looks like every last arena team is rdruid+warrior+ something. Or rdruid+warlock+ something. My only consolation is, rdruid vs rdruid, has to be ANNOYING XD.

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