Hmm some out and about catching up, I finally hit up The Black Prince, or Wrathion, who you only before saw in the rogue legendary quests, as far as I am aware.  I don’t know what he’s up to, but you really don’t have a choice on helping him.


I’ve been flitting around on the mountains a lot lately farming Snow Lillies and ran into these guys


Some of the storm effects are really cool but hard to show with a screenshot.

But this guy, he seems to be in a bad spot.


Then, I have been running randomly into people I know quite a bit.  I’ve run into Nytok, Swan, Aussiedoll, a few other random A9N people, Lila, etc.  Today I was flying around the mountain herbing when NPCscan told me a rare was in the area.  I targeted it and saw it was half dead but figured ah I’ll see if it kills the person and maybe I can try.  I hovered above them for a little bit, and he did indeed die and then I noticed it was, whoops, Awesomus.


Awesomus, who is Howlurr’s (a rogue) warrior alt.  We joined up and killed it, it dropped plate (what else is new) and we talked a bit.  I hadn’t seen or heard from him in a while.

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