Sometimes I wonder why you don’t see many pvp healers, but I guess if I used half a brain and thought about it, it would be pretty clear. There is the obvious like we get focused first, usually, and rarely does anyone “protect” or peel off you. In random battlegrounds this doesn’t bother me TOO terribly because I take it as a challenge to try to survive anyway. In persistent battlegrounds like WG/TB, it’s annoying because everyone should pay attention to their healers.

The additional insult is from random players who complain about not getting heals without paying attention to WHY they didn’t get heals. Was I the only healer? I can’t heal everyone across the entire map. Was I getting my ass pounded into the ground? Yeah I can’t really heal anyone else when I’m trying to not die. Was our dps not killing a fing thing? Yeah, these questions need to be answered.

Was in a random BG and in Twin Peaks. The other team had a prot warrior flag carrier with 4 healers. We had someone call out to focus the prot warrior and I said something about the feasibility of taking down a warrior with 4 heals.

This of course opened a whole can of worms discussing what an idiot I was, how I must never RBG, I’d never be accepted to his RBG team, blah blah terrible heals whatever. I was their only heals. The best comment however was:

“Nice mana heals, only 100k lawl”.


Then in Tol Barad the other day, a DK by the name of Deathbybean (think it’s that Meanbean guy) was yelling at everyone for not getting vehicles. The problem was, no one, NO ONE had even one HK so we couldn’t. It was that bad. Alliance had like 3 mages at every base with a healer. It was pathetic.

For no particular reason he started insulting me, saying I probably was a bad pvp healer, probably had no pvp gear, etc etc. I said I was fully pvp geared and well experienced in pvp, but I didn’t see how me healing was going to help dps who can’t kill crap for anything. Yes, it will keep you from dying but it’s not going to help you kill the enemy. AMIRIGHT?

It’s like when that horrible hunter named Kiya tried to kill my horde priest in WG, I kick her ever loving ass. But she gets a healer on her, she still can’t kill me but now she’s wasting all of our time getting heals.

We went back and forth arguing about this up until we lost the battle (predictable, the only HK I got was when I killed a mage myself) and I must have angered the guy because he took it to PMs. This is the fun I got, and I’m always up for an argument.

Deathbybean: haha man you must give it to your buddy good for him to stick up for you like that

(Stout told the guy off earlier)

Him: how far did you get your junk down his throat LOL

Me: Maybe I do, so what? Jealous?

Him: not at all ha ha… its funny when people talk crap then ignore you haha, its always about getting the last word in i guess right? thats always mature

(because insulting your healers is mature)

Then I told him if I wanted to shit talk I’d be more than happy to do it directly, and said I healed my ass off at Slags but we killed no one. Then I got

Him: well then I apologize cause I want at slags

me: no worries

him: thats all you had to say you didnt have to be so defensive XD

Uh huh. See the aforementioned “if there is a healer in raid and I’m not getting heals they must be bad” comment. WE MIGHT NOT EVEN BE NEAR YOU.

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