Spurious Sarcophagus

So, couple of things.  Dropped 30k to get the sandstone drake


Sealan still has a pet turtle named Ocyla


Ran DS the other day with Relentless, and I think I’m going to take the priest to the group I ran with Iocane on my shaman on Wednesday.  More on that later.  We did heroic Morchok and I solo healed my side again, but Jynx kept bringing him nearly on top of the crystals, and so much extra damage was going out I had to hit divine hymn for the first time EVER on this fight.

We tried heroic Zon’ozz but every attempt died at the same exact spot.  There were adds still up when the black phase ended, everyone was running willy nilly all over the place, etc.  Half of the people in group do not have mics either so cannot call out when they run out for the debuff and I have to watch for them to do it instead.  It’s inconvenient.

I think some people were upset we weren’t trying to progress on it, but progression is not wiping over and over on the SAME spot multiple attempts and tries, with no apparently ‘progression’ being made.

We did heroic Yorsahj and it went REALLY well, much MUCH better than the week prior.  I did lose Cinor once again but, I used up my 4 big heals and with purple nothing else I could do.   We did heroic Ultraxion but that took a few attempts when the pug hunter died repeatedly.  I picked up new bracers with a gem slot and replaced my VP ones.

And this, is just funny


they were running around/jumping  like that.  I’d pay real money to see like 20 of those running around Arathi Basin or something.

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