So Sealan told me the other day that Dirtydk renamed to Sanitary and DKmohawk (Frostrated/Restosham) is now Juntoko.

I duo’d the old icc 5 mans with Sealan the other day too, I miss those.  People say that it’s “faceroll” but they have to remember the severe upgrade from wrath gear to just quest cata greens, much less raid gear.


Been running into Divinefaith and Kmasmdgtfo (his cousin he says) in WG lately too.  Oh and I have Aitan/Fratricide on real id now.  The game really needs a note screen to post how you came to have someone on realid.  I know it’s supposed to only be for “real people you see IRL all the time” but let’s be serious.  I don’t know THAT many people IRL that play and I often want to talk to people on the opposite faction or across their many many alts.  Speaking of which I’ve gotten Peejay on my realid for like the 400005th time.

This was  a funny raid chat in TB too, they were saying something about horde not putting up a good fight which started with the line about Fratricide (him being good I’m assuming) then I had to laugh about the bounty on Ladiesman.


I had told him some weeks back, that I’d put a giant bounty for him, but he said then we couldn’t stand around together flagged in TB and make the alliance stop to stare, then run off without doing anything.  Big babies, I’d heal them if they started a fight.  Oh well.

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